WHAT IS BuggyBootcamp ALL ABOUT?

BuggyBootcamp is all about us mums!

BuggyBootcamp History!


BuggyBootcamp was started many years ago in 2009 by founder Nicola Ostler. I joined nearly 10 years ago and have been running classes in Bedford for all of this time. I’m very experienced and totally passionate about what I do, so I assure you that you’re in very safe hands. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to join you all in Shoreham!

If you want safe effective pelvic floor safe exercise that strengthens your body and to be able to chat through the duration of your session then BuggyBootcamp is for you. If of course you do want to work harder and are postnatally recovered then let me know and I’ll make sure you sweat in between your chatting!

  • Start your postnatal recovery journey with safe, effective postnatal exercise

  • Fun, friendly and informal no pressure exercise classes

  • No need for creche or childcare as babies and children come along too

  • Everywoman is welcome child or no child

  • Beginner, Intermediate and advanced classes 

  • Much gentler form of Bootcamp than tranditional bootcamps

  • Suitable for postnatal mums from 6 weeks after a normal birth or 12 weeks after a c-section

  • Come along to classes at any stage whatever the age of your baby, toddler or child

  • High and low impact exercise options

  • Pelvic floor friendly and diastasis safe exercise options

  • Chatting during the class is a MUST!

  • Focus on posture , pelvic floor health and regaining your core strength and general muscle tone that has been affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Work at your own level with appropriate exercises and won’t be pushed beyond your limit.

  • Each session is different and revolves around lots of chatting and absolutely no burpees or tyre flipping!

  • Resistance bands and bodyweight required for the postnatal classes

  • Dumbells and resistance bands required for the advanced classes

  • Learn how to breath to activate your core and pelvic floor and really move properly

  • There are lots of movements we do during class that carry over into our every day lives of being a mum. We need to learn to push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and balance and learn how to do it safely while making our core work at the right time.

  • 45 Minute to 1 Hour class duration dependent on weather

  • No running buggy required

  • Different workout each session

  • Cafe catch up after class

What to expect at class

  • Park the buggies in a circle or a line depending on my class on that day

  • Warm up with gentle dynamic movements which include posture releases

  • Play simple games occasionally used to get you working without realising it!

  • TVA and Glute wake up

  • We  then complete circuit style exercise which work your core even when your standing up using resistance bands and bodyweight interacting with the babies along the way

  • You can use your buggy throughout the class if little one likes to be constantly on the move.

  • Toddlers and older can of course run around and they often join in copying the exercises which is lovely.

  • We head for the picnic mats and complete some more traditional core exercies but no crunches!!

  • Cool down and stretch

  • Cafe catch up!!!

Please note that your babies, toddlers and children and their safety are your responsibility for the entire duration of the class. You can choose to have them in or out of the buggy as you see fit. You will never be asked to use your baby as a weight during class but if you do choose to hold your little one while you exercise that is fine as long as you feel safe and able.

BuggyBootcampPLUS is simply a more intense version of BuggyBootcamp without the buggy! These classes are slightly harder and are not suitable for beginners but we still have low and high impact versions of all the exercises. They are classes for every woman postnatal and beyond.

BuggyBootcamp@HOME - These are are new addition to my classes  with the aim to enable every woman to access safe effective postnatal exercise in the comfort of their own home wherever they are. There are workout delivered on a Facebook Group with me teaching you as I would do during the outdoor classes.. There are beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels to choose from and the video library will simply grow and grow giving you lots of workouts to choose from to do at a time that suits you.

Postnatal Core Restore Programmes  - These are a new addition to my classes and have been developed through my many years of personal training with postnatal mums.  Instead of the ever changing workouts you will find at the outdoor classes the core restore programmes .

They provide a 6 week structured exercise plan including warm ups, posture and breathing realignment exercises. The body strength and core strength workouts are progressed weekly. The postnatal core strength programme is an ideal start to your postnatal healing journey. They

have been specifically designed for postnatal mums from 6 weeks after a normal birth or 12 weeks after a c-section.

A message from me..

“I know it’s scary starting an exercise class if you don’t know anyone, especially after the months of being pregnant and then not feeling quite like yourself because of the total upheaval of life as you knew it with a newborn. So for those of you that need that little extra nudge or are worried about not being able to keep up this is for you – Firstly and most importantly it’s NOT all about the exercise. Buggy Bootcamp Bedford is a fantastically friendly and welcoming group of mums of children of all ages who meet at Buggy Bootcamp to exercise and chat. It’s like a mother and baby group with lots of laughter and post natal specific exercise thrown in for good measure. We often stop for coffee and more chat after class and try to arrange meals and nights out regularly. The best thing about Buggy Bootcamp is that you immediately feel better when you see everyone. I know this from experience as although I’m the Instructor you guys have helped my postnatal depression so much. You arrive feeling dreadful after being kept up all night with baby and then a smile and brief chat later and you find that half the other mums have been up all night too. Being a mum can be isolating and you often feel that you’re the only one that is going through a particular issue but these wonderful ladies soon put it all into perspective.

After you have completed the registration form and there are no issues highlighted you can start at any time, when your baby is just six weeks or your toddler is 3 years or older. Several of my mums are on their second, third or fourth pregnancies at Buggy Bootcamp and as long as you’ve been exercising regularly it’s fine to come along during this special time. It doesn’t matter if you have to stop to tend to baby, or if your little one is having an unsettled day and won’t stop crying no matter what you do. It can be frustrating having to stop and start when you’ve come along to exercise but sometimes you just have to go with it. All of us realise that noise and crying happens and toddler tantrums are much better shared. We’re all in the same position or at least have been not long ago. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to keep up as you can work as little or much as you like so if you’ve had a sleepless night but still want to get out then you just take it easy. If I know you want to work hard though I will push you but for most of us mums it’s just about the getting together.

Need a little time to think about it? No problem, come and join us when you’re ready.“


JO SAMIOTIS (nee Waters)

BuggyBootcamp SHOREHAM
and Core Connection Personal training