Frequently asked questions

When can I start?

You can come along to an outdoor BuggyBootcamp class, joing BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDEMAND or sign up to a specialised programme anytime from 6 weeks after a normal birth and 12 weeks for a caesarean. You will need to complete the online health questionnaire first. Lots of mums find they need much more time than this though.

Is BuggyBootcamp just for post natal mums?

BuggyBootcamp is for ALL mums. Whether your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years it doesn’t matter when you start. The Buggy-FREE Bootcamp classes are more advanced and suitable for those who are postnatally recovered. BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDEMAND workouts are available with 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Can I wear a baby carrier during class?

The answer is Yes and No! If your baby is super unsettled and you feel comfortable and happy to baby wear then that's absolutely fine - there are some movements we will have to adapt but that's no problem at all. However... If you have diastais (abdominal muscle separation) that you are still recovering then it is not possible to use your baby carrier during class as you really need to concentrate on getting your core stronger and making the gap functional before you start adding the weight of a baby on front. It is best though to exercise without baby carrying as it affects your posture and we need your posture to be in the correct allignment so that your core can work properly.

Does BOOTCAMP mean that it’s army style super hard exercises with an instructor yelling at me to work harder and do more?

No, not at all it and it couldn’t be further from the truth. You work as hard as you want to. If you’ve had a sleepless night with baby then just take it easy. BuggyBootcamp is much more about meeting other mums and having a chat. The exercise is just a reason to get together!

Do I need to register?

Before starting BuggyBootcamp you must complete the online health questionnaire. This will highlight any issues that you may need to return to your GP or another health professional for and also details any injuries or health issues that I need to be aware of during class or to determine if the online programme or BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDEMAND workouts will be safe for you. This is the link for the questionnaire

Do I have to book?

For the outside group class at Buckingham Park you need to book and pay for your first class. The classes are then paid in advance for the term.

What kind of pushchair do I need?

The classes aren’t based around running so just a normal pushchair or pram is perfect as long as it’s in good working order. You can even use a double buggy. The classes are circuit based so we tend to park the buggies and put mats out and exercise around the children.

What do I need to bring?

Plenty to drink and snacks for mum and baby , suncream, sunshade, buggy raincover, toys, books and a picnic mat (waterproof ones are great) or exercise mat. You will need to provide your own resistance band at BuggyBootcamp and both a resistance band and dumbells at the Buggy-FREE Bootcamp class.

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing with suitable trainers and a good sports bra. Layer up if it’s cold and make sure your baby, toddler or child has suitable clothing. Remember they are much smaller than you so get cold much more quickly.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

You need to bring a resistance band to the BuggyBootcamp postnatal class and a resistance band and dumbells to the Buggy-Free Bootcamp class. Don’t worry I always have spares if necessary.

How long is each class?

Every class is approximately 1 hour long although if it’s very wet or cold I do make them shorter.

Can I pay as I go or do I have to buy a block?

The first class you attend is paid for on it’s own and then classes are paid in advance for the remainder of the term and each subsequent term. If you have holidays booked please let me know in advance as I will adjust the payment accordingly. You can start at anytime within the term as payments are adjusted. Please note there are no refunds given for any reason.

Can I bring more than one child?

Yes! The more the merrier. It’s so important for our children to see us exercising. It’s good for you too as it will mean more chasing for you!

Does my baby or child have to stay in the pushchair?

It is up to you to decide if your baby or child is in or out of the buggy. We don’t use babies as part of the class. It is not a running based class so if they are out of the pushchair on a picnic mat or running that it fine if that’s what you want. Please be aware that your babies and children are your responsibility at all times. They can create a trip hazard so you need to be ultra aware of where they are at all times.

I’m not very fit will I be able to keep up?

The classes are aimed at post natal women onwards. They are tailored for all fitness ability and around the issues that we are often left with after pregnancy such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. There are always low and high impact exercises available and lots of adaptations and progressions to keep everyone safe. If you want to work harder though do let me know!

Do I have to run?

Not at all if you don’t want to! It’s really important that you work at a pace you are comfortable with. Power walking is perfect and if you choose to start running later on then that’s fine but it’s also fine to always walk. Just a reminder that it’s not safe to run with your baby in the pushchair until they are 6 months old, and please never attempt to run when holding your baby or chiild. Because of the huge difference in pushchairs some are not suitable to run with at all so if you are pushing your buggy in class please don't run with it.

Can I use a Baby Carrier?

Wearing your baby puts your body almost in the same position as it was during preganancy. It changes your posture and breathing and so it is not advisable during class as we want to regain that core strength and rebalance your body. Wearing your baby puts a lot of pressure on your stomach simply walking so it is just too much to exercise at the same time.

What happens if my baby or child starts crying?

Join the club! Your little one comes first and because of the pace of the class there is always time to feed, soothe or fit in a nappy change. We are breastfeeding friendly! It’s easy to incorporate the buggy into the class if your little one needs to be on the move too, although no running with the buggy before baby is 6 months old.

Can I come along without bringing my children?

Yes absolutely and many of my mums do either as a one off or on a more regular basis. You just need to be aware that there will be other children and noise! If you are postnatally recovered then Buggy-FREE Bootcamp may be a better option for you.

Is BuggyBootcamp still on if it’s raining?

Classes continue whatever the weather – rain, shine, snow and anything in between! If classes are cancelled I will contact you via the WhatsApp group and post on Facebook so watch out for notifications. If it’s particularly cold or wet then I keep the class duration down to approximately 45 mins.

What is BuggyBootcamp@HOME?

BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDEMAND is my way of being able to reach more mums with safe effective postnatal exercise. You pay a monthly subscription or a one off yearly payment and then have access to the private Facebook Group. On here you will have access to a lived streamed classes and an ever growing library of workout videos. Workouts are available for postnatal beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels and use a mixture of resistance bands, bodyweight and dumbells.

Can I still attend BuggyBootcamp if I’m pregnant?

Yes of course you can. The exercises are all tailored especially for you to keep you safe during each trimester so as long as you have been active before you were pregnant and your doctor has no objections then you can attend the classes for as long as you feel that you can. Several of our mums have been on second and third pregnancies and have actually attended to exercise gently past their due date!

What are the Specialised Postnatal Core Restore Course and Online Programmes?

These programmes are the next best thing to Personal Training 1:2:1 but without the cost. I am passionate about making sure postnatal exercise is accessable to as many mums as possible which is why I have designed these programmes. Doing the correct exercise to recover your postnatal body, restore your pelvic floor strength and your core strength is so important. This is especially true if you have diastasis recti as it needs the correct tools and guidance to restore and repair the gap and make it functional. These 6 week in person and online programmes are carefully designed and structured to guide you carefully from week 1 to week 6. Each week the strength and core exercises progress very slightly so you are progressing continuously. There are breathing exercises and posture exercises and if you choose to have extra support you can have additional nutritional advice. These are all the building blocks we need for repairing our postnatal body. You can message me at any time and I’ll check in with you weekly to see how you’re doing. The programmes don’t stop there though as at the end of each 6 week programme you have the choice to enrol on the next one which again progresses your strength and core strength that little bit more. They are delivered on my personal training app and every time you exercise you check off a task on the app so I can see if you’re not managing to do your workouts. These programmes are perfect for those of you who want a structured programme to do at home that still holds you accountable.


If these FAQ’s do not answer your queries then feel free to contact me.





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“It took me about four/five months after having my little boy to try Buggy Bootcamp as I was nervous about how much noise my baby would make during the session (he wasn’t exactly placid…). But I immediately found that there was no need to worry as everyone’s baby seems to grizzle at some point and Jo adjusts the exercise to fit in with the baby/crying, i.e. squats using the pram, walking with the pram to rock them to sleep and so on.


Some sessions are particularly amusing when the babies seem to set each other off right towards the end – like a little (tone deaf) orchestra.“