Buggy Bootcamp exists to make mums feel happier and healthier and to ensure they are safe in their postnatal exercise journey

This is what my amazing Buggy Bootcamp mums have to say about the classes


“It took me about four/five months after having my little boy to try Buggy Bootcamp as I was nervous about how much noise my baby would make during the session (he wasn’t exactly placid…). But I immediately found that there was no need to worry as everyone’s baby seems to grizzle at some point and Jo adjusts the exercise to fit in with the baby/crying, i.e. squats using the pram, walking with the pram to rock them to sleep and so on.


Some sessions are particularly amusing when the babies seem to set each other off right towards the end – like a little (tone deaf) orchestra.“


“Buggy Bootcamp has been a lifeline for me ever since the birth of my first child three years ago. I’ve never been a sporty person, but Bootcamp has really helped me to get stronger and healthier, recuperate from both pregnancies and childbirth, and take more control of my own body again.

The group is really welcoming and supportive. I’ve made lots of new friends, including Jo who goes far beyond the call of duty in looking after our health and happiness. She caters to individual needs and continually develops the exercise programme to ensure variety and ongoing progress for all.

I really don’t think I would be where I am now, both physically and mentally, if it wasn’t for my regular dose of fresh air, challenging workouts, ‘sleepless nights sympathy’ and laughter. “


“I started coming to Buggy Bootcamp with Jo in October 2014 after the birth of my third baby. I have never stuck at an exercise program for so long before! The classes are varied and fun and are pitched at the right level. Jo always motivates you to push that little bit harder when you are ready. Being able to exercise in the day with my little one is ideal. I don’t have to go out in the evenings and my little one gets to run around in the the fresh air.

It was a lifeline for me in lots of ways. Not only have I made some amazing friends, I have become so much fitter and am now a dress size smaller than before I was pregnant!“



“I was over the moon to find a bootcamp that accomodated an unsettled reflux baby. I was hugely anxious about exercising in a group not only because of the baby, but also my weight gain during pregnancy.Jo made me feel at ease immediately and is also like a baby whisperer. Straight away I started to feel better, enjoy exercise and really look forward to the sessions. So lovely meeting other mums. Highly recommend to anyone with smaller children!!!!.“


“I started going to buggy bootcamp with Jo when my youngest was about 18 months old and never looked back. Jo is friendly, sympathetic and professional. She really knows her stuff, tailoring exercises from being suitable for immediately postnatal ladies up to pushing those with older children to test themselves a bit more. As well as keeping me fit, Buggy Bootcamp turned into more than an exercise class for me – many a morning after a sleepless night was cheered up by meeting up with the ladies and realising that everyone is (or at least has been) in the same boat! I cannot recommend Jo and the ladies in the group enough.“


“Would thoroughly recommend Buggy Bootcamp! I still go with my 3 year old. It’s not just for new mums!
Jo and the group are lovely and the exercises are adapted for your needs. There is an advanced class for those who are ready to use weights and push themselves more.
You exercise whilst the kids play - an hour where you can focus a little more on yourself!“


Brilliant class and a great way to feel good and get fit at the same time...especially after childbirth!


“Buggy bootcamp transformed my maternity leave and state of mind“


“ I joined buggy Bootcamp just for one reason which was to get back in shape. But I got a lot in return. Good friends, a great social circle to go out with. Good advice from fellow mummies, didn’t feel lonely with my doubts and concerns about my children. Over and about that yes I felt physically and mentally fit and strong“


“Boot camp is absolutely fantastic, as a twin mum with a toddler as well boot camp was my life saviour! It enabled me to get out the house and do something for myself while including the children. Jo was amazing and able to support me back into getting fit, healthy and loose weight! I would highly recommend Bootcamp to anybody looking to do some fun exercise at your own pace while still being able to involve the children!“


“I think I was one of the originals for when Jo started BBC and have loved every class. It has been benificial in both mind and body and has been a fantastic influence on my growing girls who see their Mummy exercise regularly. I still attend classes now even though my girls are at school which I think is testament to how good it is!!“


“Buggy Bootcamp has been great for me and my daughters. Not only does it help with general fitness it is great fun. You meet lovely people who make you laugh even when you have been up all night . It’s also great for the little ones to get them out and about it fresh air.“


“finally a chance to exercise without paying for childcare - can't rate Jo & Buggy bootcamp highly enough. Tailored exercises and impact levels within the group and you can push yourself as hard as you want (or Jo can push you if you need some extra oomph). Aimed at mums of all ages, and a great fix of exercise, fresh air, friends and freedom! “


“BuggyBootcamp amazing workouts can’t rate it enough. Jo is really friendly and easy to talk to.
Great if you need to bring children with you and also if your children are in school and you just need a good friendly workout.
Jo takes time out to understand all of us for example I really suffer with my back, she gives me alternative exercises to do so don’t be afraid if you have aches and pains.
If you need pushing to work harder she will push you or leave you alone to work at your own pace.
Come and join us 🤗“


“Jo is fantastic and tailors the exercises to fit your fitness (and well-being) level. I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and I found the classes really good for keeping my fitness up without over doing it. Jo is very knowledgeable and will give me mini-exercises to do at home as well as ensure that I am getting the right exercise at boot-camp.“


“I’d recommend Jo and the classes to anyone who is looking to meet other mums, give your little one some fresh air and burn some calories!“


“Buggy bootcamp is a great way of getting fit and finding new friends. It’s a great social thing as well for your little ones and big ones in the half terms!! Jo is a lovely trainer and a great friend!!“


“Participating in Buggy Boot camp, following the birth of my son 6 months ago, has been brilliant on many levels. Firstly it has enabled me to work towards rebuilding my fitness in a non judgemental, differentiated class where I can work at my own pace with encouragement and guidance from Jo. Secondly, I have learned lots about my postnatal body and how to take care of it properly including nutrition and hydration. Finally the class is social and fun, as a first time mum, feeling both physically and emotionally wobbly I always finish the class feeling great. It’s a great workout, great fun and Jo is knowledgeable, encouraging and lovely.“


Thank you so so much for everything, I’m so glad I contacted you coming up to 3 years ago now. I’ve never stuck to an exercise group for that long and it’s definitely down to you and your lovely approachable friendly knowledgable personality. You always make time to understand everyone’s individual needs and also give a gentle push where it’s needed.
I’ve enjoyed seeing the friendly faces each week and the nights out we have done have always been great fun.
I wouldn’t have survived lockdown without the zoom Bb classes and I was lucky enough to still be going to work!